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Vendor Sponsorships

Discussion in 'ABOUT THE HOBBY-MACHINIST, INC.' started by Nels, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Nels

    Nels United States Founder Staff Member H-M Supporter-Premium

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    Eastern Queens, NY
    Eastern Queens
    New York

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    Vendor sponsorship benefits:

    1- 720x98 banner ad

    2- A dedicated forum. If the site has a forum for your brand, it will be that forum. If not, we will create one. You can support your products, introduce new products, offer sales and coupons in that forum.

    3. Mention on a separate sponsor page.

    Cost: $120 per month per sponsorship, 1-3 months.
    $100 per month per sponsorship, 4-6 months.

    Discounted to $1000 if paid 12 months in advance.

    Contact Nels in PM or hobbydashmachinistdotcom@yahoo.com by email to begin.
  2. The Liberal Arts Garage

    The Liberal Arts Garage United States Active User H-M Supporter-Premium

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    New Hampshire

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    Suggested some good time ago----- Offer agood deal to those who offer
    instructional or useful tables -- with their products in demonstrations
    and illustrations -- mutual benefits. ----- BLJHB.

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